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Cherokee By Choice Initiative

Cherokee County — such an easy decision.

Cherokee by design, provides fresh air, quality living, that attracts a high growth workforce. We like to say ‘forget the commute’ because this aspirational, inclusive community provides the whole package others only dream of.

Cherokee by far is the premier environment for economic growth. In the development wellspring of Metro Atlanta, corporations like Inalfa Roof Systems, Jaipur Living, and YANMAR America are now in Cherokee, where we have the space and a wealth of grace to help businesses and innovative startups, like Reformation Brewery and FactoryMation grow.

Cherokee, by leaps and bounds, offers more fun and relaxation due to its lush outdoors and expanding culinary, entertainment and recreational retreats. Whether a kid or CEO, refreshing energy just comes with the territory.

Talented individuals, families and executives alike are all making this really easy decision.

Cherokee by Choice.

Founder Level Investors ($250,000+)

Leader Level Investors ($100,000–$149,999)

Platinum Level Investors ($75,000–$99,999)

Gold Level Investors ($50,000–$74,999)

Silver Level Investors ($25,000–$49,999)

Bronze Level Investors ($10,000–$24,999)

Community Level Investors ($5,000–$9,999)

Cherokee By Choice – a public-facing fundraising campaign and public-private partnership, was launched in 2018. Building upon the success of this robust plan, COED launched CBC 2.0 on March 23, 2022 – a strategic plan that guides Cherokee’s economic development efforts forward over the next five years.

Much has been accomplished since the launch of Opportunity Cherokee in 2015 (the county’s first strategic plan for economic development) and the Cherokee By Choice Initiative in 2018 (COED’s first public-private partnership). These achievements include over $436,000,000 in capital investment, creation of 2,000+ jobs, completion of Cherokee 75 Corporate Park, the Cherokee Workforce Collaborative, the Fresh Start Cherokee Program including Cherokee’s first coworking space – The Circuit Woodstock, the North Atlanta Venture Mentoring Service, Be Pro Be Proud Georgia, the Cherokee Film Summit, and the Forget the Commute Campaign – to name a few.

Cherokee’s story is one of resilience and success – 191 years in the making. The business community and people who call Cherokee home are second to none and together, we are building an ecosystem that serves as a launching pad for big dreams and bold action. CBC 2.0 is the next step in Cherokee’s continued success.

Target Sectors Include:

  • Advanced Manufacturing with a focus on green and sustainable products and medical devices
  • Headquarters, recruitment of both corporate and regional
  • Technology, including cybersecurity and data centers
  • Film & Digital Entertainment, including film production studios and video game programming/development
  • Entrepreneurs/Startups that specialize in technology and creative services
  • Commercial Developers that target Class A office space, mixed-use, and a hotel/conference center

The plan also features four strategic goal areas:

  • Ensure Cherokee has attractive and connected places, including the development of marketable sites and buildings while enhancing livability assets
  • Build an educated and talented workforce to meet the needs of new and existing businesses
  • Cultivate innovating and enterprising business, which will result in a more diversified business culture that supports new and legacy manufacturers, corporate and regional headquarters, and technology companies.
  • Retain a vibrant and inviting brand identity both internally and externally

Over the next five years and beyond, COED will continue partnering with the county and cities on infrastructure improvements and readying sites for sustainable, corporate growth. This collaboration will ensure Cherokee remains a competitive, highly desirable location of choice.

Read the Executive Summary HERE. 


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    Distribution of Expenditures and Value

    Based on the Economic Impact Report generated by Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute, the following graphs outline the distribution of consumer expenditures and the distribution of value added by industry.