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Workforce Data

Meeting the needs of new and existing companies through the Cherokee Workforce Collaborative, the Cherokee Office of Economic Development knows the value of continuous dialogue between business and industry, educational institutions, educators, students and other critical partners. Below are a few keys facts that depict the exemplary talent pool that exists in Cherokee County.

  • 80%

    of Cherokee County’s workforce commutes out of the county daily

  • 67.6%

    white collar employment in Cherokee County, which is above the state (62.2%) and national (61.6%) averages

  • 42%

    of residents have a post-secondary degree

  • 97%

    of current commuters want to find a job in the County

  • #1

    largest concentration of colleges and universities in the southern United States (Metro Atlanta)

  • 40%

    of the county’s population are Millennials or Generation Z

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Data and Resources

The Cherokee Office of Economic Development is able to provide you with customized data profiles and reports derived from your project criteria. Click the let’s talk button and connect with a COED team member. In the meantime, below are several resources you may find beneficial.

Cherokee Workforce Dashboard

In an effort to provide up-to-date labor force data during this pandemic, this workforce dashboard was created. The map directly shows the Cherokee County Labor Market Area, which includes 12 counties.

Click HERE to view the dashboard.

Cherokee County School District

The Cherokee County School District (CCSD) is one of the top school districts in the State of Georgia and the nation with a strong focus on improving teaching and learning. CCSD is bridging the gap between education and industry. The district incorporates state of the art learning technology in the classroom from early elementary classes all the way through high school. Cherokee County’s schools are truly preparing students for success in higher education, as well as lucrative careers within industry. Visit Site →

Cherokee Workforce Collaborative

The Cherokee Workforce Collaborative, a community partnership created by the Cherokee Office of Economic Development (COED) to strengthen Cherokee’s pipeline of skilled workers and meet the needs of existing and future industry, has partnered with the Cherokee County School District to launch Cherokee County’s first-ever paid Summer Internship Program for high school juniors and seniors.

The six-week internship program features a select group of Cherokee-based employers, including FactoryMation, Jaipur Living, Maxis Engineering, NeoMed Inc., R&D Mechanical Services, Roytec Industries LLC, Universal Alloy Corporation, and the YANMAR EVO//CENTER.

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